Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Old Navy Experience

So, I have no flip flops for summer. All I have are these Merrill slip ons that are like fur lined...and it is getting really hot. I decide to stop at Old Navy to grab a pair of their $5 flip flops. Here I am walking in with my fur lined merrils on and shorts. Needless to say I was a little embarrased. Anyway, I grab some flip flops and head to the checkout counter. As I walk up to the line, a beautiful, youthful twenty something girl is standing in front of me all evenly tanned with cute short shorts and an even cuter shirt and lovely brown hair. (I am now even more embarrased). What always impresses me is how these girls get such an even tan. Is it the tanning booth? spray tanning? lotion from home? If any of y'all know - please fill me in. So I am really trying not to stare. Why do i stare? Because this is really how I want to look. I really want to, be tan, have thin long legs and pre-baby boobs - Just like I use to have about eight years ago. Why didn't I appreciate my great body when I had it? Is it really possible to get it back? I don't think I will ever look like I did when I was 22. But there is a part of me that believes I can look just as beautiful as I did ten years ago but in an older, more mature way. It takes a lot of extra work to take care of ourselves as moms because we are always giving so much to everyone else. And to all you cute twenty year olds who haven't had kids yet - your time will come, muahhhahahahaha!!! (One kid doesn't count. Read previous post)

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